Tatsuaru Arai

Tatsuru Arai

2003-2009 composition studies (BA) with Akira Nishimura,Toshio Hosokawa and Sunao Isaji at Tokyo College of Music. 2007 composition class with Bernhard Lang at Implus in Graz. 2009-2013 composition, computer-programming and multimedia-art studies (MA ) with Wolfgang Heiniger at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin.

His works have been performed in over 40 cities in Europe, as well as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Tunisia, Japan, etc. Tatsuru Arai’s main artistic theme is integrating classical compositions with new technology, as in his opera „Vitruvian“ and „Trans-ages Music '', and presenting the fundamental physical nature of the universe in the form of perceptual experiences, that could say aesthetics of “geometric structure”. The human perception of sound, a physical phenomenon that influences human beings, and the “geometric structure” as the fundamental pillar that allows us to understand the true nature of the universe. It is a way to experience a part of the nature of the universe through sound.



THERMO is the second installation by Tatsuru Arai from the grand project named Hyper Serial Music. Hyper serial music is extended classical contemporary music „12-ton and Serial music“ of Schönberg, Boulez, that innovated old basic music algorythm to new music structure with current technology.
This work focuses on the human ability to perceive “Thermo” from an audio and visual sense. Human beings can evoke memories and physical phenomena through different visual and auditory stimulation. As an example, it is hypothesized that we recognize a heat sensation from the energy of the petals collapsing. 
The video shows the direction of interpretation by hyper-serial music, A.I. music and classical music.

Tatsuaru Arai

Maria Pazi work relies on the meeting point between Perception and Science. Neither of them seems to present reality: the first one, subjective but limited by human senses, the second one, radically objective but impermanently evolving over time. By confronting ‘the sensorial’ and ‘the facts’, the artist is empowered to generate ‘Truth’ through Art. The concept of ‘Universe’ is recurrent in her work; a story told by Science that her perception has allowed her to experience (through meditation). The artist is also intrigued by the relation between human beings and their environment. Science has failed to warn us about our self-extinction, while our own Consciousness cannot reach a level high enough to prevent us from systematically breaking nature’s equilibrium.

As reality reveals at so many levels simultaneously, the experience of Art shall be a complex event. I aim my works to be immersive experiences for the audience, sometimes including participatory/interactive elements. I try to reach this aim by using a network of different media like live performance, sculpture, sound, light, electronics, text, and music. I have even pushed the sensorial aspect of my work through edible light installations and publication of a tactile artist’s book. My interest in perception has brought me to use Light and Sound as recurrent mediums, as they can be treated as ‘frequencies’ that trigger our most predominant senses.



Light and sound installation by Exotikdot.
I have always been fascinated by light gadgets. I have been collecting them here and there in every second chinese shop or market in downtown Bogota, with the intention of hacking and dreaming about organizing them in cosmic structures borrowed from the language of physics and from the universe, believing that in this culture of mass production, one can evoke space and time. I aim to recreate an experience of the Universe and the beyond while reflecting on our “Made in China – battery run” civilization. It would then be a nature vs. culture tale.
The idea is to use light emitting toys and gadgets, and their eventual media as a starting point to recreate a complex cosmic/quantic environment. Their light sources would create astro-compositions floating in the dark space.
Some of them shall expand, others shall blink, others shall dazzle and transform. RGB colours, shadows, textures and patterns shall coexist in an arranged toy cosmos. Some other circuits and DC objects such as motors could complement by creating floating particles and waves.
The sounds from the gadgets could be, for example, hacked to produce vacuumed acoustic atmospheres, while a background soundscape fills up the space creating an even more immersive experience. In this cosmos I would like to reinvent and represent things such as quantum foam, exotic matter, naked singularities, cosmic strings, noble gases, quark soups, MACHOs (massive compact halo objects), planck time and blue shifts, among other poetic cosmic and quantic events and bodies.
As a practitioner I intend to produce a wormhole for the Cosmoquantic Fantastic reality to appear.

Tatsuaru Arai

Multidistsiplinaarne kunstnik Paola Medina Querini (Panamá, 1989) on spetsialiseerunud valgustusdisanile, segades kokku värve, peegeldusi ja tekstuure, et äratada totaalse kogemuse abil inimeste meeled. 2019. aastal osales ta üritusel Hack the Light Up – Torre Agbar ja tänavalgustuse installatsiooni “Entremurs” loomisel Barcelona valgusfestivalil.

Paola received a Postgraduate in Architecture Lighting Design from the Instituto Europeo di Disegno, Barcelona in 2019 and a Master in a Project Management for Interior Architecture from La Salle Ramon Llull University, Barcelona in 2018. She uses different techniques to experiment with light and colour.


From the most deep side of the ocean, a piece of land, an animal, a person, we all have a micro minimal connection with an external energy that surround us making us feel alive with every single movement. Sometimes we forget where we are, or who we are. We just need a second to stop time, breathe and feel the moment, the space, the sound. Time passes very fast, consequently life. Just one minute reflection to connect with our inside universe of our body, feel the light and sound that connect and create a magical vibration that embrace us. How do we use our energy everyday? How far can we travel through our body?. We are a universe of plenty vibrations connected with many other universes around us, around the world. We are all connected. Future is now.


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