Vadim Fiškin (Slovenia), Maria Paz and Paola Medina Querini (Hispaania), Vera Dvaleand Damla Kilickiran (Norra) ning Tatsuru Arai (Jaapan/Saksa).


“Variation of Continuum” focuses on the metaphor of light as a direct activator of association chains as well as stimulations of perception and cognition. The title of the exhibition is a spontaneous absurdity generated by Aldar “Psaiko” Talviste, a well-known mad genius of Tartu. The site-specific perception of texts decontextualizes non-Estonian artists and artworks to the psychogeographic context of Tartu. A variation of continuum is an impossibility because all variations should exhaustively be embodied in it. Therefore, the two words mark an unimaginable that, nevertheless, refers to crossing all limits. In order to understand it we must turn to light.

Gallery Noorus

The ground floor of Gallery Noorus features a large personal exhibition of Vadim Fiškin. The Slovenian artist has represented his country at the Venice Biennale in 2005. His work is characterized by a unique post-conceptual tradition and tightly linked to the development of technology and science. In both cases his interest lies in what they can tell us about ourselves. To do that, he attributes compact narrative and allegorical power to technology. “And although Fishkin embraces the futility of technology, foregrounding the fatuity of the human desires and ambitions that animate it, he does it with a sharp and theatrical humor, ultimately imbuing it with a redemptive lightness, “says Chris Sharp.

The basement floor of Gallery Noorus exhibits installations by Spanish artists Paola Medina Querini and Maria Paz. The latter is also known as Exotikdot, an electronic music artist who performs as a live light installation, an opportunity not to be missed during TAVA2020 club night at Elektriteater.

Botanical Garden

For four nights, the Palm House of Botanical Gardens will be turned into an audiovisual installation creating synergy between tropical plants and dark urban landscape. Ambient musician and sound artist Vera Dvale from Norway will be in charge of sound. The author of the video and light installation is Damla Kilickiran, who deals with large-scale projection formats and creates a video projection in a palm building.

St. John's Church Tower

Tatsuru Arai's sound and visual installation QUANTUM-TON. Tatsuru's Hyper Serial Music project expands on the history of serialistic method of music composition by incorporating new technologies and new perspectives, including artifcial intelligence. The sounds are on the boundaries of the limits of human auditory perception and cognition.


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