Light Installations /
Installations in the City


Elena Kropaneva and Vladimir Zlokazov (RUS), Non Grata (Estonia), Rühmitus CS4E (EST), Caspar Lootsmann, Kullar Laiapea, Toomas Liiv (EST), Alyona Movko (EST), Rene Tamm (EST), Elo Liiv (EST).


  • Construction and installation of works: 24. – 26.10.2021
  • The Light Path is open to visitors: 27. – 30.10.2021, iga päev kuni 00:00
  • Artist Talk at the LUCI AGM and TAVA2021 Conference: 29-30.10.2021


We are used to judging architecture and public art according to traditional understanding - as everlasting symbols of power for future generations to see. What event would be more suitable to change this understanding than a light art festival?

Architecture plays a big part in the development of our mentality and art in public space definitely intervenes in the way we perceive and understand our surroundings. Nowadays, when reality and VR have become intermixed, similar concepts could successfully become parts of cityscape, as they already have in our daily life. For example, games played a crucial role in Surrealism and Dadaism, but as the essence of games has moved on, the concept should also change. While contemporary art field already acknowledges the theory of “art game” (interactive new media digital software art), the question is how to bring this idea into the city.

We understand the importance of sustainability in everyday life and therefore, the art of a light festival should also support the ideas of reusability, detachability, changeability, flexibility. Do you remember how as a child you could start a game with nothing, playing with stones or sticks or empty bottles, or running around and catching sun spots? As Joseph Beuys declared - anything could be art.

Our surroundings have a great impact on our society and therefore, it should be a rich mixture of different opportunities. So let's invite playfulness into the city!

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Triinu Jürves

TAVA2021 curator of the city space light installations

Andra Orn

TAVA2021 curator of the city space light installations