Tatsuru Arai

Tatsuru Arai

Tatsuru Arai is a composer and sound/graphic-programmer who lives and works in Berlin. He has studied music in Japan and Germany. His main artistic theme is to integrate classical compositions to new technology, as "Trans-Ages-Music", and to present the fundamental physical nature of the universe in the form of perceptional experiences, that could say aesthetics of “geometric structure”.

He has worked and performed at international Art/Music Festival/,Kinetica Art Festival (London UK)Tunisia Fashion week(Tunis Tunisia),Sajeta - Art & Music Festival(Slovenia)B-Seite Festival (Mannheim Germany),Flow Festival (Helsinki Finland) Signal Festival 2017 (Cagliari Italy), intermediale Festival (Legnica Poland), CTM Transmediale festival (Berlin Germany), Klankvorm (Rotterdam Netherlands), MADATAC Festival (Madrid Spain), MAteraINtermedia festival (Matera Italy), Sonic Acts fetival (Amsterdam Netherlands), Gogbot Festival (Enschend Netherlands), Generate!_lab Festival (Tübingen Germany).



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