Lightfair introduces indoor and outdoor lighting products and services to an international audience. The fair aims at bringing together producers and consumers as well as raising awareness about the importance of high-quality lighting.

The target group of the fair includes architects, light designers, interior designers, planners, electrical engineers, wholesalers and retailers, officers of local municipalities, representatives of real estate sector as well as smart individual consumers. The fair will introduce innovative, exciting and sustainable products and solutions.


1. Technical lighting products and supplies: technical lighting products for offices and public spaces; technical lighting products for storage rooms and production buildings; technical lighting products for museums and exhibitions; street lighting and outdoor lighting products for public space; complete lighting systems; alarm and security lighting products; lighting operation and control systems; media screens and advertisement lighting.

2. Decorative lighting products and supplies: modern decorative lighting products; classical decorative lighting products; indoor and outdoor lighting products for individual houses and gardens; tailor-made lighting products.

3. Lamps, LED-lighting systems, supplies and cables.

4. Event and show lighting services

5. Light Art and Lighting Design services: light artists, designers, designers of lighting products.

6. Other Organisations: educational institutions, publications, festivals, etc.

Who is visiting?

International delegates of lighting specialists and city representatives who will be at-tending the LUCI AGM and TAVA2021 conference, representatives of local municipalities, TAVA artists and designers, professionals and students of light-related fields, wholesalers and retailers, representatives of real estate sector and private consumers.

Professionals, experts in the field of lighting:

  • Designers, product designers, lighting designers, designers of lighting products
  • Artists, light artists, landscape artists, performance artists, theatre artists, directors
  • Architects, landscape architects, interior designers, city planners
  • Electrical lighting designers, planners and operators, engineers and designers
  • Specialists and officers of local municipalities (city planning departments, urban environment and public works departments, National Heritage Board, etc.)

Going Hybrid

Epidemioloogilise olukorra tõttu toimub 2021. aastal messi ülekanne onlines. VAATA OTSEÜLEKANDEID HERE

Curated live streams
Different parts of the fair will be streamed live both in Estonian and in English on the Light Fair website. Moderators will interview exhibitors to introduce the companies, their products and services. All questions to the exhibitors will be agreed upon beforehand to guarantee the best representation of each company. As the streaming will be done in two languages that will be broadcasted in different channels, the exhibitors can modify their messages according to the specific target group. An interview is a great format to introduce the services and values of your company. In addition, all participants can ask questions and get feedback online in real time.

Recommendations for the exhibitor
The team of TAVA2021 Lightfair created a series of videos for the participants to facilitate the preparation of the fair, introducing the hybrid solution, sharing guidelines for creating a successful fair booth and media communication. Videos also give an overview of the exhibitions, workshops and the TAVA2021 festival of which the Lightfair is a part.


Additional services

  •   InvitationsAll exhibitors are given invitations that guarantee free entrance to the fair. Invitations can be given away to clients and/or partners.
  • Equipment.Exhibitors can rent truss carcase and other equipent to design their booth.
  • Information leaflet.Information leaflets contain the name and location of each exhibitor as well as the time table of webinars and workshops. Leaflets are free for visitors.
  • Accommodation.Exhibitors can stay at partner hotels of TAVA festival at discount price.
  • Workshops for visitors. Exhibitors can introduce their companies and products at free mini-workshops that take place next to the fair ground.


Terms and Conditions

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Reet Sink

TAVA2021 Lightfair curator