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IALD ARCHITECTURAL Lighting Design Workshops / OPEN CALL

Open Call

Looking for architectural lighting design workshop leaders

Three architectural lighting design workshops will take place in the centre of Tartu within the framework of TAVA2020 Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival. The goal of the workshops is to give students, lighting design enthusiasts and professional lighting designers a “hands-on“ experience, from concept development to construction of installations, as well as training on key lighting design topics. The workshops will be led by internationally renowned IALD lighting designers.

TAVA2020 workshops will focus on highlighting Tartu cityscape and expanding the public space at night-time. They offer an opportunity to convert night-time public space to a cozy place frequented by many people by creating night sights. We will be painting on the canvas of darkness with light and colour in places that have been waiting to be revived, highlighted and discovered.

The 2020 workshops will focus on urban landscapes along the banks of the Emajõgi River. The Emajõgi River is one of the main symbols of the city of Tartu, a reflection of it, and its banks a beloved walking area for locals and visitors. Workshop installations will be one of the main attractions of the TAVA2020 Light Path, opened on 28-31 October.


  • Deadline for applications: 15.02.2020
  • A one-day pre-meeting for workshop tutors will take place in March 2020
  • Architectural lighting workshops: 22. – 27.10.2020
  • Installations open to visitors: 28. – 31.10.2020
  • LUCI AGM and TAVA2020 conference 28. – 31.10.2020


  • is a member of the IALD (The Association of International Architectural Lighting Designers); we are waiting also applications from other experienced lighting designers   
  • manages skilfully a team of participants at different levels
  • is inspiring and charismatic, but lets the participants make the final decisions
  • is able to guide participants in developing a well thought out concept
  • directing, guiding and assisting participants in the installation of luminaires
  • is available throughout the workshop and is attending a one-day pre-meeting in Tartu (March)
  • is ready to give a presentation at the LUCI AGM and TAVA2020 conference


All three IALD lighting design workshops will be located on the banks of the River Emajõgi in Tartu. Close to the locations of two installations there are bridges with programmable lighting that could be used in the same composition as the workshop lighting solutions.
We will not illuminate the river but control its light by creating reflections. Water provides an opportunity to amplify light images and create an illusory, thoughtful extension to them. In each workshop it will be possible to work with light and different types of landscape.

The red markings on the map indicate the locations of the IALD workshops.  

First Workshop: Facade and Minature Forms Near the Pond

The workshop area is located in the garden of the Botanical Gardens of the University of Tartu (38 Lai Street) and provides the opportunity to create a lighting solution for the historic facade of the building as well as the pond, bridge and gazebo in front of it and find an appropriate solution for the Freedom Bridge in the background.

Second Workshop: Sculptures in the River Promenade Park

The workshop focuses on illuminating the greenery and three monuments of the Vabaduse (Freedom) Avenue along the river Emajõgi and linking them to achieve a complete riverfront promenade.

  1. The statue of Oskar Luts was erected in 1987 on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer Oskar Luts. The sculpture is designed by sculptor Aulin Rimm and architect Allan Murdmaa.
  2. The Tartu Monument to the War of Independence is dedicated to soldiers who died in the Estonian War of Independence. It is a replica of the monument opened on 17 September 1933 and demolished on 1950 by the Soviet authorities.
  3. The Kreutzwald Monument commemorates Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald , an Estonian writer and doctor. It was erected in 1952 in place of the memorial of the Estonian War of Independence, which was taken away. In 2003, the Kreutzwald Monument was moved to the line of Gild Street to reallocate the restored War of Independence Monument. The monument is designed by sculptors Johannes Hirv and Martin Saks and architects Heiki Karro, Ants Mellik and Mart Port.

Third Workshop: Riverside Seating Area

The workshop links the Emajõgi observation platform with the area between the Võidu Bridge and the Turu Bridge, the lighting of the Võidu Bridge and reflections of the river, creating a cozy and inviting riverside seating area to one of the banks and a playful view to the other side.


  • honorarium € 2000
  • travel expenses up to € 400 (+€ 400 for the pre-meeting)
  • accommodation and meals during workshops and pre-meeting
  • festival pass


If You are interested in becoming a TAVA2020 workshop leader, please submit the following documents in English:

  • Curriculum vitae (max 1 x A4)
  • A portfolio that represents the style of your work
  • a short (max 800 words)motivation letter about why you want to attend the TAVA2020 festival. If you wish to lead a specific workshop, please let us know about it.
  • suggestion of a list of companies who could help to equip your workshop with luminaires      

Application deadline: 15.02.2020

More information

Eva Tallo

TAVA2020 curator of the workshops

Marko Kuusik

TAVA2020 curator of the workshops

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