IALD Architectural Lighting Design workshops / Introduction



Veronika Mayerböck (Austria), CJ Brockway (USA) and Sharon Stammers & Martin Lupton (Great Britain)


  • Architectural lighting workshops: 22.-27.10.2020
  • pre-opening of the lighting installations 27/10/2020
  • Installations open to visitors 28.-31.10.2020
  • LUCI AGM and TAVA2020 Conference 28.-31.10.2020


Three architectural lighting design workshops will take place in the centre of Tartu within the framework of TAVA2020 Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival. The goal of the workshops is to give students, lighting design enthusiasts and professional lighting designers a “hands-on“ experience, from concept development to construction of installations, as well as training on key lighting design topics. The workshops will be led by internationally renowned IALD lighting designers.

Ideally, the results of light workshops – that are a wonderful opportunity to experiment, test creative concepts and prototype – would become permanent light installations in the public space of Tartu. They present an interesting challenge to designers and planners but are also useful to the city government by giving an opportunity to see and experience different lighting solutions in 1:1 scale before making definitive investments.

The installations created during the lighting workshops will be a part of the 4-day light festival TAVA2018. At night they will become landmarks and show visitors how architectural lighting design can change the nighttime identity of a city. Thus, they will be demonstrating the power of light and draw public attention to the value of lighting design to urban space.


All three IALD lighting design workshops will be located on the banks of the River Emajõgi in Tartu. Close to the locations of two installations there are bridges with programmable lighting that could be used in the same composition as the workshop lighting solutions.
We will not illuminate the river but control its light by creating reflections. Water provides an opportunity to amplify light images and create an illusory, thoughtful extension to them. In each workshop it will be possible to work with light and different types of landscape.

The red markings on the map indicate the locations of the IALD workshops.


We aim to have participants with different backgrounds; they can be students and/or professionals. They will be selected based on their motivation. Educational institutions can also participate with a number of students, as a part of their program.



Workshop fee for students (Student ID required): 200€ 
Workshop fee for professionals: 300€
No VAT is added.

Fee includes also participation for the LUCI AGM and TAVA2020 conference (28-31.10) and for the Lightfair (30.-31.10) 

If you are short of money, we also offer the opportunity to pay with volunteer work for the benefit of the festival.


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Eva Tallo

TAVA2020 curator of the workshops

Marko Kuusik

TAVA2020 curator of the workshops