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Estonian National Museum
Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu


The one and only light fair of the Baltics will be looking towards the future of the lighting world and introducing new design as well as traditional light solutions.

The Ligfhtfair will bring together providers of innovative and sustainable solutions. The fair will pro-vide a common ground for architects, artists, designers, resellers, developers, employees of local mu-nicipalities as well as people interested in the world of luminaires where they can communicate di-rectly with designers, producers and importers as well as get acquainted with innovative solutions.

Interest in high-quality lighting has been on the rise in Estonia for some time. Local municipalities keep on complementing and improving lighting design of public space, numbers of lighting specialists are increasing. Consumers are more aware of technological possibilities and know to avoid light pollu-tion. Architects, artists and designers participate at trainings and provide more and more lighting de-sign services to both organisations as well as individuals. Estonian Association of Lighting Designers EVDA has been brought to light.

The fair will introduce both Estonian and foreign enterprises that provide lighting-related products and services. There will be a separate stand to showcase the latest works of Estonian light designers. Come and meet light artists, light designers, International Light Festival Organization ILO and sponsors of TAVA2021.

Be there to see the exhibition and participate in the exciting program full of workshops and presenta-tions. Tartu Lightfair will give an extensive overview of the latest developments in the field of lighting. See you at the Lightfair!


Admission is free, workshops must be registered in advance


We will publish the program of the light fair workshops in September 2021

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Reet Sink

TAVA2021 Light Fair curator

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