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CJ Brockway

CJ Brockway

SparkLab /USA

With over 20 years of experience as an architectural lighting designer, CJ has also served as a theatrical designer, lighting installer and controls programmer, sales agent, and art lighting specialist. She has been the leader of a large design studio and has won over twenty illumination awards from the IES in the USA and in China. She has served as an adjunct instructor of Lighting Design at Cornish College of the Arts, and currently teaches as part at the University of Washington College of Built Environments.

What is SparkLab? An artistic and architectural lighting practice – we sculpt, engineer, and paint space with light

Who is SparkLab? SparkLab is a team of curious, creative, theatrically inspired lighting designers, engaged in the use of light to tell stories and stimulate emotional response. We also like to nerd-out on performance metrics.

Why SparkLab? … because at SparkLab we speak architect; we know when to listen and when to push back for creative success. SparkLab respects client priorities and contractor sensibilities.

merely allow vision. Scientifically, light impacts important brain functions. Metaphorically, we believe we feel light.



Veronika Mayerböck AT

Veronika Mayerböck AT

ALLES oder Licht

Vienna / Austria

As a lighting designer and an architect, I am concerned with the extent to which our „viewing“ habits and perception have already changed in the course of digitalization. Working with light as a medium I observe and question what still „touches“ us in the fast-paced world of today.

In what ways apert from (self-) staging in the media can one still reach a spectator, a citizen, a student, a child?

What became of „unintentional amazement“ as a basic condition for curiosity and for any in-depth examination of a matter or an artwork?

What kind of lighting conditions do we need in this modern society to relate profoundly to what we see?

My focus is to research and investigate answers to these „out of the box“ questions that are applicable to daily project practice and application of recent technologies.

I am a dedicated teacher with a background as a studied engineer, experienced hands-on technician, researcher and creative lighting designer. My symbiotic understanding of interdisciplinary matters is characterizing my approach to lighting projects as well as my way of teaching students and professionals: I claim that when it comes to lighting, in addition to profound theoretical input it is important to involve a full body awareness by addressing all our senses. My goal is to apply new methods of teaching which consider the changes in our sensorial response and visual habits as important as the rapid changes in technology used in the lighting field.





Light Collective /Great Britain

Light Collective are not your standard lighting consultancy. Their creative portfolio includes more than architectural lighting design - it encompasses many innovative projects which include light art installations, marketing projects, competitions, curated exhibitions, lighting awards, branding, trade stands and shows, epic parties, pop-up events, guerrilla lighting, community projects and light education. Their range of clients and projects has varied from the small scale to the very large: from designing for a school in Glasgow to a shopping mall in Kuwait to inventing an app for Philips. They are based in the UK but have worked all over the world, creating light in the snow of Finland or in the heat of Kenya.

Sharon and Martin have both worked in the lighting industry for over 20 years and started Light Collective in 2009. Martin, who has a PhD in lighting, started his career in environmental engineering, moving on to directorial roles at both Pinniger and Partners and BDP. He has worked on many high-profile architectural projects including the Cutty Sark, Liverpool One, Westfield, the Royal Albert Museum, and Kelvingrove Museum. Sharon started her career in stage lighting, working in London before studying for a MSc in lighting and becoming an Associate Director at both Lighting Design Partnership and Lightmatters. Her previous projects include Heron Quays station, Al Azhar Park, Somerset House, the Prince of Wales Theatre, the Coliseum Theatre and the Ashmolean Museum.

Together they like to make films about light and in 2018 completed a full-length documentary called The Perfect Light about why we use LEDs. They also love to participate in light activism and frequently tackle issues in the lighting industry, e.g. the Women in Lighting project that started in 2019. Light Collective are the creative consultants for the [d]arc awards.



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