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Light Games in the City / Open call

Open Call

Looking for the TAVA2020 light installation artists

Within the framework of the Tartu Architectural Lighting and Lighting Art Festival TAVA2020, a light road will be opened on October 28-31, which will bear the overall title Light Games in the City. We are looking forward for both Estonian and international light artists and designers, who are fascinated by the beauty achieved by light, as well as by the practical value creation of the city space.


  • Deadline for applications: 15.02.2020
  • Construction and installation of works: 24. – 27.10.2020
  • The Light Path is open to visitors: 28. – 31.10.2020
  • Artist Talk at the LUCI AGM and TAVA2020 Conference:28. – 31.10.2020


Over the past decades, the world has undergone some radical changes, as a result of which today's society is increasingly characterised by digitalisation. In the light of this the urban space around us has changed very little. Historically, architecture and urban planning have been tools of political and social power and people have become accustomed to assessing their environment in relation to that.

In order for the urban space to change, people's views must change first. Temporary artistic intervention in urban space is an ideal manner to introduce new possibilities.

The more organised the urban space, the less we notice it and the less we intervene in it. We also have fewer opportunities for relating, creative discovery and playfulness. One way to intervene is to create light installations that would address social problems, help to discover the environment, notice details and welcome ingenious ways to make use of the urban space.

"Light Games in the City" invites the public to discover their city from a different angle, to offer material for thought and joy of discovery. Read more about the Light Road concept here.


In order to emphasize playfulness and social diversity, we have chosen small utopian arrangements of our own in the heart of Tartu city centre to become the locations of light installations.

  • The unlit riverbank of the Emajõgi River and its green areas, also area right beside of the marketplace and Sadamateater, that is being used only by graffiti artists and beer lovers, but could also be a recreational area full of discoveries for both locals and tourists.
  • Tartu Botanical Gardens as an undiscovered fairy tale. A mystical refuge in the heart of the city that has not become over-organised yet.

These locations encompass the city's varied social strata, diversity and mystery and numerous opportunities for storytelling from unexpected angles. In addition to lighting the installations aim at creating unique experiences. We urge you to intervene and bring acute issues into the spotlight.

The purple markings on the map indicate the possible locations of the installations. Other locations may be suggested, if the concept of the work requires it.


Terms and Conditions

  • The artist is responsible for the timely completion of the installation
  • All costs related to the construction and/or transport must be included in the budget, larger amounts must be negotiated with the organisers
  • Teams are also invited to apply, the fee will be shared between the team members.
  • The artist guarantees that the installation is in good working order 28 - 31 October 2020
  • if necessary, the team of the festival assists the artist in the construction or establishment of the installation
  • Travel expenses (up to € 400 for non-residents and up to € 100 for Estonian residents) will be reimbursed
  • Artists are entitled to free accommodation and lunch during both the preparatory period and the festival
  • All artists will be given a free festival pass

We are looking for

Main installation (1 to be selected)

  • Artist's fee € 3,500
  • Production, included transport, up to € 10,000 

Medium-sized installations (3 to be selected)

  • Artist's fee € 1,500
  • Production, included transport, up to € 5,000 

Smaller installations (5 to be selected)

  • Artist's fee € 1,000
  • Production, included transport, up to € 1,500 


Deadline: 15 February 2020

Please provide the following documents:

  • CV
  • Portfolio or link to homepage
  • Planned work with drawings or designs, technical requirements and technical rider, budget
  • 1-2 selected location(s)
  • Information on whether you are willing to lead a light art workshop during the festival or to give a presentation at the conference (add topic)

More information

Andra Orn

TAVA2020 curator of the city space light installations

Check out the TAVA2016-2018 installations